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Broken Beauty

Whispering thoughts linger
Swirling, tumbling, colliding.
Desire conflicting with reason.
Glimpses of what could be
Jumble with visions of what ifs;
Knowing it could be perfect.

Pushing forward
Despite realizing my flaws.
Praying for forgiveness.
Hoping life will untwist
This impossible knot
I’ve entangled myself in.

I’m not perfect,
Nor will I pretend to be.
There is beauty in brokenness.
I am broken, therefore I am beautiful.
See me for who I am,
For who I am meant to be.

Whispering thoughts linger,
Bubbling to the surface.
Begging to be recognized,
Terrified to be rejected.
I am broken, it’s true.
But that does not mean I am not worth it.


A solitary soul lingers in the blackness
Yearning for understanding.
Searching for one who can change everything.
Only a small light of hope remains
Taunting, flickering; blown out and relit.
Never straying nearer.

Empty space settles around her
Thick and all-consuming.
Unable to discern dream from reality
A solitary soul lingers.
Shoulders sag, body trembles, a sigh escapes.
Loneliness is always a cold blanket.


I wrote this in August of 2008 and it still rings true to my soul.


Sometimes the only thing that I really need is a hug. For someone to wrap me in his arms and let me know that everything will be okay. To help me get my feet back under me when I’m not sure that my legs will be enough to hold me upright. Is it wrong to just want to be held? To let go of all I am feeling in that one moment and know that I am safe. That even though it doesn’t feel like it now, things will turn out okay. To be told that I am strong enough to overcome my tribulations no matter how impossible they may seem. To be reassured that I’m not alone. That when I’m feeling most vulnerable, he will be there to embrace me as well as my insecurities and make them fade into the background. Someone who will accept me for who I am and not what they want me to be. Someone who will say that it is okay to cry. Sometimes the only thing that I really need is a hug.