Whispering thoughts linger
Swirling, tumbling, colliding.
Desire conflicting with reason.
Glimpses of what could be
Jumble with visions of what ifs;
Knowing it could be perfect.

Pushing forward
Despite realizing my flaws.
Praying for forgiveness.
Hoping life will untwist
This impossible knot
I’ve entangled myself in.

I’m not perfect,
Nor will I pretend to be.
There is beauty in brokenness.
I am broken, therefore I am beautiful.
See me for who I am,
For who I am meant to be.

Whispering thoughts linger,
Bubbling to the surface.
Begging to be recognized,
Terrified to be rejected.
I am broken, it’s true.
But that does not mean I am not worth it.