Ok so it is now officially March and many people have fallen off the “I’m gonna lose weight” New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. I didn’t exactly have any New Year’s Resolutions but I did start my own weight loss journey at the end of January. Let me just give you a brief history of my past weight loss successes/failures… I NEVER stick to a gym/workout program. Ice cream is my weakness. I crave caffeine in soda like it’s my job. I like to be lazy. So far these things don’t exactly make a great, healthy woman. (Shocking, isn’t it?) Well this year it is different. A large part of my motivation comes from my amazing bf. He lost about 50lbs last year and is still continuing to do so well. And let’s face it ladies, we don’t want our man looking hotter than us! πŸ˜‰ Β This coupled with the fact that I realized I gained a huge amount of weight since I graduated high school made me make up my mind to start a new weight loss journey.

I signed up at my local YMCA and have been going strong ever since. I try to stick to a rigid 5-6 day a week workouts and am definitely watching what I eat. So far I have lost 11lbs and am feeling fantastic! Woo hoo! It hasn’t been the easiest journey and I’ve had setbacks, but I’m pushing through them to achieve my goal of a healthier, fit me. Now, if you know me, you know that there has to be some funny stories along my journey. Let’s start off with the time I had no clue what I was doing and decided to try and lift weights on the machines. I went to the Y with my sister and we were gonna go in there and pump iron and get fit and be beautiful. (ok we are both beautiful so this would make us even more beautiful-er) My sister sat down on this one machine where you put your legs over a bar and have to push the bar down with your legs. She tells me that the machine next to her was the same one. I kinda look at it and told her that I didn’t think it was. I got on it anyways. The bar on this machine was way higher than hers and I told her there was no way I could do it. She kept encouraging me to try and put my legs way up on the top bar. Now mind you, we are in a gym in the evening full of all these ripped woman and buff men who obviously spend their lives there and we look like complete dorks. After about five minutes of us laughing hysterically at my inability to get my legs up on the bar, a woman on the machine across from us finally takes pity and tells us how to use it. Thank goodness. What a great start to my journey, huh?

Now let’s move on to Zumba. Ohhhhh Zumba. A few weeks into my new fitness routine my sister convinces me to try a Zumba class. A little history here- she has a dance background, I played soccer for 10 years… If you don’t know what Zumba is, it’s dance style workout. I was extremely leery about this but I did it anyways. Let me tell you, I am probably the most uncoordinated and rhythmically challenged person you have ever met. I couldn’t get the cha-cha down to save my life. Everyone would be going to the left and I, of course, would be going right. I’ve never done so much booty shaking and chest popping in my life. I’m pretty sure that my hips were confused seeing as they have never moved like that ever. But I sucked it up and did the whole class. And I came back for another. Big mistake. This class was really full and my sister and I were in the front of the room which is lined in mirrors. So not only do I feel like I look like an idiot, Isee myself looking like an idiot. I felt so absolutely ridiculous. Another bad thing about being in the front is that the instructor has a clear view of you too. I can’t even count how many times she locked eyes with me to help me with the daggone cha-cha. “Left, right, leftrightleft, right, left, rightleftright.” Oh how humiliating… Oh well. At least I can say I tried it twice.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that even though it might be hard and you might not know what you are doing, keep going. Everyone has to start somewhere. I started somewhere between trying to bend my body to reach my legs up on that bar and looking like a complete dufus doing Zumba. I’m glad to report that I have learned some things and am no longer looking like a complete idiot (sometimes…lol) If you are lucky, in another blog I will tell you about my newfound love for water aerobics! πŸ™‚ In the meantime here is a photo that probably really depicts how I felt during my attempts at Zumba…