This is your fair warning…this blog entry has the potential for getting lovey-dovey mushy. So if you are uninterested in reading about this kind of stuff, I will not take offense if you do not continue reading. 🙂


A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I were driving around in his Jeep just talking about anything and everything. Eventually we made our way to the topic of random and completely irrational fears. We covered the basics ( I will not betray his trust by letting you know his… 🙂  ) mine include spiders, heights, bugs with a lot of legs, cobwebs and the list continued a bit. We covered the surface things and then it went a little deeper. In hindsight, my next irrational fear probably stemmed from the fact that he was heading to TN for a long weekend in a couple weeks (which is where he is at now actually).  I confided in him that I was a crazy woman and that my brain gets out of hand when I tend to think about certain things. I mean, I’m sure most women would admit that when they are left alone for any amount of time that their minds run rampant. He asked me what I meant by it and I attempted to explain to him how my brain works. Scary, I know.


I told him that I have always had a hard time with separation from people who are close to me and that I am much better at it now, but I still have slip ups. I said that I didn’t want to be that all-controlling and nagging girlfriend who wants to know her boyfriend’s every move and location, but that I needed reassurance that he wasn’t going anywhere and not coming back. He laughed and then told me that he couldn’t NOT come back to me. (Which of course made my heart melt.)  Then I told him that this is where I get crazy. If I know he’s going on a long drive or trip and I don’t hear from him in an extended amount of time (I’m talking hours people, not minutes. I’m not THAT crazy…) my  mind goes nuts. I start thinking about the worst case scenarios and then I start to get panicky. He again asked me what I meant and I told him that my brain can go from thinking everything is  fine to you’re in a ditch somewhere dead in 2.5 seconds. To which he promptly starts laughing. “Fine to dead, huh?”  was his official reply I think… So we definitely had a good laugh about it. I mean, I did try to explain the female brain to a man…


Fast forward to this weekend and I am suddenly remembering that conversation very clearly. He left for his trip last night and I have only heard from him once when he got there and then finally again just a little while ago. I sent him a text that said “Are you alive? lol”  Almost an HOUR later he responds….Let me just let you imagine what my brain was thinking in that hour…. Not too pretty, huh? So once I finally  heard from him I felt a lot better. My woman emotions and my overly imaginative brain calmed down and I kindly reminded him of my irrational fear. I told him that the fine to dead scenario is way intensified when he was actually out of state and that I was glad he was totally fine and that he was having a good time. He apologized and reassured me that he was coming home. Basically I feel much better now. 🙂


The moral of this story is that you know you really love someone when they go from fine to dead in 2.5 seconds in your mind because you haven’t heard from them in a long while. You also know that someone loves you when they embrace your crazy brain theories and appease your worries by responding with “I sure am” without stopping to laugh at you for your obvious craziness. Sorry ladies, but I’m pretty sure I have the best man in the world. 🙂