Sorry for the long absence…I told you I wasn’t good at keeping up with these things….


Anyways…moving on….So last weekend was Memorial Day weekend and I was super excited becuase my bf and I were going to go to Cambrige for camping, four wheeling, food and guns. ( I wasn’t so thrilled about the guns, but he was… 🙂  ) Last week was just like any other week. I spent my mornings at the gym and the afternoons looking for a job and running errands and whatnot. Friday’s are my long days at the gym. I take a water aerobics class at 7:30, then I run 1-2 miles and then take a 55 minute fitness class. I usually have no problem with this. Well last week, I ran into a problem. Squatted into it would be more accurate I suppose… There was about ten minutes left in the class and we were doing a pyramid of these things called flurry squats ( I prefer my flurries from McDonalds…) You squat really low and your arms are upper-cutting (is that a word??) really fast and then you start jumping your squats while upper-cutting. We did ten seconds, twenty seconds and thirty seconds. After we were done with that I felt something that wasn’t quite right in my back, so I decided to take it real easy the last of the class. Well then it was hard to breathe and I couldn’t twist at all…uh oh.


I left the gym thinking that I must have tweaked my back. Those of you who know me, know that I have a lot of back issues/hip issues. Usually the pain is in my lower right back, but Friday it was in my mid back. I couldn’t take a deep breath or twist without any pain. So I called my chiropractor (you’d think he would be on speed dial by now…) and made an appointment for that afternoon. There was no way I was going to miss Memorial Weekend and all the fun that was bound to occour! I get to the Dr’s and he yells at me, of course. (Did I mention that I had just seen him Monday…) He pushes around on my back and then informs me that I popped a rib out of place. Seriously!?!?!? Only I can pop a rib out of place at the gym. Ugh. He proceeds to pop it back in place. Now. I don’t know if you have ever had anything dislocated or not, but I’m pretty sure putting it back hurts worse then popping it out. I’m sure I said “fudge monkeys” at least 5 times (yes acutally “fudge monkeys”) and the Dr kept laughing at me telling me to relax. That is not an easy thing to do when you feel like your Dr is about to squish you like a bug…. He finally gets it into place and shows me how to stretch it out and then told me to take it easy….crap. I wanted to go crazy this weekend. So I asked him what my restrictions are and he said “Well, what are your plans this weekend?” I told him I was doing what every American was doing…Barbeque and camping and….four wheeling….. His face was priceless. He flat out laughed at me and said “You get on it and tell me how your ribs feel after.”  Well, he didn’t say no! 😉


Good news, I went camping AND four wheeling and my ribs did okay!! Better news? My bf got me to shoot a gun for the first time. I shot a .22 rifle and my best round was 9/15 hits. Not too shabby! 🙂 Best news? I had an amazing weekend despite my injury.


Something to ponder about today….I dislocated a rib at the gym, how hard did you work out today?  🙂


Happy Friday ya’ll!