Well, here it is. Months of training and hard work are about to come to fruition. My very first 5K is tomorrow!! I’ve huffed and puffed, cursed and doubted, had victories and losses, but tomorrow it’s all about celebration! I finally hit the 3 mile running-without-stopping mark and I am so proud of myself no matter what. The Color Run is in Cleveland way early in the morning and it is going to be awesome. If you don’t know what The Color Run is, let me tell you…

The Color Run is a benefit run held in multiple cities throughout the US. The money from the Cleveland run will be going toward local charities including a playground fund for one of the schools. This run is not timed and you can run, walk, crawl, cartwheel or line dance your way to the finish line. It is a family event and people of all ages and physical fitness levels are welcome. Here’s where it gets crazy. You start off wearing white and at every K of the race there will be certified ‘color throwers’ that throw powdered paint at all the runners. Each K is a different color so by the time you reach the finish line, you are no longer wearing white! 🙂 Once you hit the finish line, you hang around for the color cloud. Every runner gets one packet of powdered paint in their race packet and every 15 minutes  at the finish line every runner throws their paint into the air creating a giant cloud of colors that covers everyone! Crazy right? YES!

I am so pumped about this! So here is to my teammates who will run and laugh and get painted with me! Good luck team Taste The Rainbow!

Be Jealous. We are about to have a blast!