I learned something about myself this week. I guess it is something that I have known about myself for a long time but never knew what it meant or that there was a deeper meaning behind it. But the moment it was spoken to me, something just clicked. You can call it a moment of profound clarity or maybe an awakening of sorts if you wish, but all I know is now I can’t un-hear it.

I am going to ask that you keep an open mind as you read this post. This week I met an Angel Reader. Now, before you completely write this post off as a crazy lady’s account of a psychic scam, I urge you to continue. I had a great deal of skepticism going into the reading and I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. All I can tell you is that it was amazing. And in some incredible ways, life affirming. I will spare you the complete details of the group reading, all you need to know is that this woman was spot on with everything she was saying to everyone at the reading. She read our Auras, gave us a spirit reading, and allowed us to ask questions. I am still blown away by the experience, and still processing.

While reading my Aura, she informed me that I am a bright blue which is apparently indicative of an Empath. She asked me if I liked going to malls. I explained that they weren’t among my favorite places and that I typically don’t like large crowds. She said that is actually quite common among Empaths due to the fact that they tend to absorb feelings and emotions of people around them and large crowds tend to be emotionally overwhelming. We talked about my tendency to feel emotionally connected to those around me. How I am the person that others are drawn to when they need to talk. That when my friends are experiencing grief, I am deeply affected by it. My whole life I have always been the ’emotional one.’ The crier. The soft heart. After speaking with this woman, my outlook has completely changed. Everything she was saying made so much sense to me.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt emotions deeply. When I am talking with someone and I tell them that I know how they feel, it’s not just a cliché. I really know how they are feeling. It’s hard to explain, but I really can feel it deep down in my soul. This is why I cry when I read a tragic news article, or feel a deep sense of sadness when a friend is experiencing a difficult situation. Movies, books, and even TV shows have a profound effect on me. I am so emotionally invested in every aspect of my life and that is just how it has always been. I’ve always just written it off as me being overly emotional. That I was just a hot mess, and even though I couldn’t explain why I was crying after watching Say Yes to the Dress, I was ok with me. After hearing what this reader had to say to me, it was like being able to see my whole life in a different perspective. One that made sense. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

For example: I absolutely love watching Glee. I think the draw for me was the musical aspect. I have always said that I wish my life had a soundtrack and that my life would be complete if I could burst out in random song and dance. Last year one of the main actors passed away unexpectedly and the show did a tribute episode for the actor. I started crying exactly  1 minute into the episode and continued crying well past the ending of it. For the next two weeks, I felt really impacted by it. I kept replaying the songs and scenes in my head and I couldn’t shake the intense sadness I felt for a man I had never met before. Now looking back, I understand where that intense sadness came from. There is so much freedom in finally knowing why my emotions are always so intense.

I know it sounds crazy. I’m  still trying to process it myself. I am doing a lot of online reading and research and it all makes perfect sense to me. I am not crazy. Being able to connect with people on such a deep emotional level is really a beautiful thing. This is a really exciting revelation for me and I cannot wait to learn more about it and about myself in turn.

Stay tuned, this is going to be amazing.