It has been over a week now since I received a life-changing reading. I feel like I have been living on a high. There is something so freeing about having clarity and a direction to pursue when it comes to my emotions. I have realized this week that I had been trying to fit myself into a tiny, neat little box. Always questioning why I was such a hot mess. Trying to hide the fact that my emotions were mirroring those around me. I felt like I had no right to feel the way I did. Those people were experiencing their situations first hand and who was I to think that I could even begin to understand what they were going through? I felt selfish and self-centered. Above all, I felt confused. I have never been one to be all about myself. With me, it has always been about helping others and putting their needs above my own. So why was I feeling it necessary to relate my friends’ experience to myself? I was lost and I didn’t even know it.

This week I have begun to learn that I don’t need to hide my emotions. I shouldn’t have to try and force myself into a tiny, neat little box. Life is messy. Things aren’t always black and white and they won’t always be able to be put into specific categories. As people, we try so hard to fit into ‘social norms’ and we are losing our individuality in the process. We weren’t created to all be the same. Every single person has individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences, all of which are valid. No two people are exactly alike. Why do we feel the need to squash ourselves to fit in? If losing myself is the price, I don’t want to fit in any longer.  I am breaking out of my box and man does it feel good!