So this whole meditation thing is amazing. I may not be as consistent with it as I’d like to be, but it is definitely a start. Heck, I may even be doing it wrong. All I know is that I feel a heck of a lot better.

I just finished reading “Count Your Blessings: The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love” By: Dr. John Demartini and man is there a lot of truth in that book. I found myself highlighting in my Kindle so many great tips and lessons that I wanted to remember.  One of my favorite quotes from the book is “Plant flowers or forever pull weeds.” So simple, yet so  brilliant! Those six little words hit me like a ton of bricks. How true is that statement? If you don’t start working towards what you want in life, you will never get there. If you aren’t happy with yourself, your job, your situation, etc., then you need to change something. What you are experiencing is lack of a goal. What you are ‘pulling’ is just stuff that is sitting in place of what you want. If you don’t try, you will continue to find yourself in situations that you are unhappy with. Making one positive change can start you on a path towards complete happiness. To a place where you want to be. More flowers and less weeds. Brilliant!