It is quiet tonight
The icy breath of winter has claimed her hold
A frozen snapshot
Of a land once green with vibrant life
Do you think a flower knows
It will only bloom in the heat of the sun?
Does it know that in order to grow again
It will have to give itself back to the soil?
What I wouldn’t give of myself
So you could have your future
No matter how hard
The anxiety makes my heart pump
It can never beat fast enough
To bring you back
Tears that fall at your grave
Cannot make you grow into existence
I know this, because I’ve tried
I would hold my breath for eternity
If it meant your lungs could breathe instead
The stark cold silence of winter nights
Leave me awake to count sheep
But my mind can only count reasons
Of how unfair this life can be
The restlessness of a thousand ants
Course through my limbs
And no matter how fast my feet are going
I cannot out run them
You see
The thing about the quiet is
Anything is possible
But anything doesn’t always mean good